About e-Democracy 2011

It is with great honor and excitement that we hosted the first regional Conference dedicated to the promotion of information society and the development of e-Democracy. The e-Democracy Conference 2010 achieved a great success and had a significant impact on the enhancement of the democratic processes based on ICT. Around 100 participants representing 30 delegations from 15 countries were able to see the positive effect that ICT can have on the transformation of the work of parliaments and governments.

With the same enthusiasm and even greater expectations we host the e-Democracy Conference 2011 that will take place in September, 25th-27th in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The conference will again gather the parliaments, governments, official journals, academy, ICT industry leaders and civil society to renew the region’s ICT Strategies in the context of organizational democracy, transparency, accessibility and accountability. This year we will make one step further into promoting e-democracy values and will include representatives of the local municipalities in the dialog on the role that ICT can play in improving democracy.

As hosts of this conference we are pleased to invite you to participate at the e-Democracy 2011 Conference. We hope that we will have interesting sessions and inspiring and fruitful discussions.

We look forward to meeting you in Ohrid.


Blaz Golob
Director, Centre for e-Governance Development

Vasko Kronevski
Chief Executive Officer, Nextsense