Conference Organization

With great pleasure, Nextsense and the Centre for e-Governance Development are hosting the third edition of the leading e-Democracy event in the region that will take place from 23-25 September, 2012 in Hotel Inex Gorica, Ohrid, Macedonia.

Followed by the success of the past two e-Democracy events and the significant impact on the enhancement of the democratic processes in the region, the e-Democracy 2012 Conference will bring together the top of the e-Government community and will provide a unique opportunity for an interactive forum where participants will exchange knowledge, thoughts and results regarding the e-Democracy concepts in the region.

Based on the remarkable collaboration between government, business and civil society, our goal will be to connect different e-Democracy shareholders and encourage their communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences and best practices.

Having the privilege to hear from the distinguished speakers and participants, including high level government officials, representatives from public institutions, policy makers, academics, industry leaders, technology influencers and representatives from the business sector, we expect this conference to bring a whole now perspective to the democratic processes in the region, even wider.

We are looking forward to another successful e-Democracy Conference and we wish all the participants a pleasant stay in the beautiful town of Ohrid and inspiring discussions at the Conference!

Yours sincerely,

Vasko Kronevski
Chief Executive Officer, Nextsense

Blaz Golob
Director, Centre for e-Governance Development