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Today, more than ever, there is an increased tendency of using the Information and communication technologies (ICT) as essential tools in transformation the work of legislative bodies throughout the world. Technology is fundamentally changing the delivery of public service and breaking down barriers for interaction with constituents. ICT has become sophisticated and flexible enough to assist the governments and parliaments in their most important responsibilities: making laws and communicating with the citizens.

At Nextsense we consider ourselves enablers in helping governments and civil servants to reach their full potential. Nextsense Government solutions help to strengthen Governments and Parliaments in twenty-first century to be more representative, transparent, accessible, accountable and effective through ICT. Also, enables people, in all their diversity, to be more engaged in public life by providing higher quality information and greater access to its documents and activities. Open and transparent government -citizen interactions promote a more efficient, agile, and accountable administration.

Modern e-Parliament is an organization where connected stakeholders use information and communication technologies to support its primary functions of representation, law-making and oversight more effectively.

Government and Parliaments have long been burdened with enormous amounts of paperwork. Nextsense Government solutions are focused on reducing the cost and times spent on processing paperwork and at the same time preserve our environment by eliminating a paper based workflow.

Another significant aspect is that e-Democracy solutions could lead Parliaments and Governments into promoting democratic governance and constituents’ participation with use of ICTs. The potential for the e-Democracy is to significantly enhance the way that the institutions conduct their processes and operations is now more evident than ever before.

With Nextsense e-Democracy solutions, governments and parliaments can now engage a new generation of citizens for whom ICT is central to their way of life and to whom the concepts of participatory networked societies and social and political engagement through new media are highly valued.


NEXTSENSE honored for exceptional customer service for USLUGI.GOV.MK at 2006 Microsoft Partner Program Awards

At the 2006 Microsoft Partner Program Awards, Nextsense was awarded the Customer Experience Award, one of two Microsoft Initiative Award categories, for delivering superior customer service by demonstrating its understanding of its customer’s needs. The company was chosen out of an international field of top Microsoft Partners for its ingenuity in developing unique and relevant approaches to customer outreach.

The award was given at the ceremony on July 12 in Boston, MA at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. “It is a privilege to recognize Nextsense as a winner of this year’s Customer Experience Award,” said Allison Watson, vice president of the Worldwide Partner Sales and Marketing Group at Microsoft. “It is this level of commitment in reaching out to our shared customers in a way that demonstrates Nextsense understanding of those customers’ needs, coupled with the value of solutions built on Microsoft technology that enables continued success for us and for our partners. We applaud Nextsense for its exceptional focus on customer service this year and offer our gratitude for its ongoing collaboration to meet the needs of our mutual customers.”

uslugi.gov.mk was also awarded and presented by:
• Awarded with MASIT AWARD 2005 – best software solution in public sector,
• Part of information exchange between the Macedonian government delegation led by the Prime Minister and Microsoft during Government Leaders Forum in Portugal January 2006
• Selected as a Microsoft case study for e-government solutions
• To be presented as showcase solution at the Microsoft Services Summit in Barcelona March 2006
• Nominated by MASIT for WITSA world summit awards in Texas May 2006

World e-Parliament Conference, Washington 2009

WashingtonThe World e-Parliament Conference is the annual forum of the community of parliaments addressing, from both the policy and technical perspectives, how the use of information and communication technology can help improve representation, transparency, accountability, openness, and effectiveness in the complex parliamentary environment.
The World e-Parliament Conference 2009, was held on 3, 4 and 5 November 2009 at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. The event was co-organized by the United Nations, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament and is intended to promote the effective use of modern technologies in legislatures.
On the conference, the Macedonian e-Parliament system was featured as a case study and presented by the Vice-president of Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Jani Makraduli. The Macedonian delegation was headed by Mr. Trajko Veljanoski, President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. Nextsense was also part of the Macedonian delegation as the company that developed the solution.

Other awards and recognitions

• WITSA 2010 Awards
e-Parliament solution, among the three Macedonian representatives on the WITSA 2010 Awards in the category Public Sector Excellence

• ePractice.eu, 2008 editors choice
ApplyOnline – online employment of civil servants

• Macedonia World Summit Award 2007, winner in e-Government for ApplyOnline

• MASIT 2005
Best government solution in Republic of Macedonia

• Microsoft Services Summit 2006, Barcelona
Public sector featured solution