About E-Democracy

About e-Democracy 2010

It is with great honor and excitement that we host e-Democracy 2010 conference in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. The e-Democracy Conference is under the auspices of The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and will be part of its activities for the celebration of 15-th September, the International Day of Democracy. We developed a central theme ”ICT, a driver for improving democracy”, that reflects common goals of politicians, policy makers, companies and citizens, all seeking for ways to provide ICT a prominent role in strengthening democracy in South East Europe and in the rest of the world. The two-day event will pay particular attention to future and emerging technologies for e-Democracy and its heightened focus on regional engagement in such pivotal areas as civic participation trough social networking, “Green IT” initiative in legislative development process, legislative compliance, standards and technology readiness. The program of the conference will revolve around the following core workstreams:

  • ICT in legislative knowledge management
  • How ICT can transform the work of parliament and government
  • Parliament and Democracy in the Twenty-first century

Under the theme, the conference will gather the parliaments, governments, official journals, academy, ICT industry leaders and civil society to renew the region’s ICT Strategies in the context of organizational democracy, transparency, accessibility and accountability.

As hosts of this conference it is a great honor to invite you to participate at the e-Democracy 2010 conference. The conference will take place from 12-14th September, 2010 in Hotel Inex Gorica, Ohrid, Macedonia.

Sincerely yours,

Blaz Golob
Director, Centre for e-Governance Development

Vasko Kronevski
Chief Executive Officer, Nextsense