“Currently, there is no optimal way to manage integrated online marketing activities on emerging markets from one single point. Httpool is committed to change that”.

Httpool is a rapidly growing international full service online advertising provider with focus on emerging markets. Established in 2000, Httpool currently employs more than 85 + online media specialists across 15 countries. Through its central London office, major position in Central and Eastern Europe, regional presence in Asia and representation of leading global and local online advertising networks, publishers, exchanges and world-class and proprietary technologies Httpool provides the broadest range of online advertising products and services on emerging markets from one single point.

Httpool is an optimal partner for international clients addressing emerging markets, local advertisers seeking a one-stop solution, large publishers struggling to monetize their international traffic, and local publishers trying to increase their revenue potential.

Httpool currently operates 15 local offices in UK, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong, Russia Singapore and India.

The Httpool office in Macedonia was established in 2005. During the past seven Httpool has run a lot of successful on-line campaigns for the biggest companies in Macedonia. Httpool keeps pace with the latest global trends in online and mobile advertising, introducing them to the Macedonian market.

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