Macedonia’s rich cultural heritage, people’s hospitality, the modern hotels and several multipurpose business facilities make it an attractive and accessible destination for conference tourism.

Exploring Macedonia aims to unite these venues and other service providers in order to develop and promote the conference tourism possibilities in Macedonia. Combined with its knowledge, specialist skills and its effective coordination of venues and support services, Exploring Macedonia helps their clients improve their key processes for an achievement of higher operational efficiency at their conference.

By creating synthesis between tourism, innovativeness and technology Exploring Macedonia together with Nextsense are fully committed in helping the conference industry in Macedonia grow. Since technology is inescapable and vital, Nextsense and Exploring Macedonia add value and functionality by integrating effective online platform and overall IT support at their client’s conference.

The successful cooperation with international media enables Exploring Macedonia to present Macedonia’s success stories in the field of conference tourism and event management solutions, where in the same time endorsing it as a “best value for money” conference destination.

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